Midi Controller Issue: Mapped Transport Buttons must be held down to work.

• Mar 5, 2023 - 00:20

I have a small midi controller (Nektar Impact LX25+) to which I have mapped the MuseScore4 midi transport mappings.

I find, however, that I must continually hold down a button for the function to occur. For example, if I want to "Play" the score, I press "Play" on the midi keyboard. But when I release the key, MuseScore immediately stops the playback. The buttons seem to act as switches, rather than toggles.

I opened MuseScore3, likewise mapped to this keyboard, and the transport buttons work as expected: as toggles on/off.

I opened up "MidiView" to see what controller commands were being sent, and it was exactly the same whether for MuseScore3 or 4: on.. (127) and off (0) with each button press and release.

The difference is that in MuseScore4, the playback does not continue when the button is released.

I am using a Mac Mini M1 using OS 13.2.1

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