Selecting left or Right Hand Part for Playback

• Mar 4, 2023 - 21:31

Is it possible when playing a piano score to select either hand for playback? It would be a help if I could do this as I would then be able to practice the hand or part I needed to work on.

PS The Musescore 4 piano sound font is just lovely.


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These are existing scores written for left and right hands in the traditional fashion. I can't find anyway to convert hands to pianos and, if I could, wouldn't the resulting score look a little odd?

I have to admit I was hoping for a straightforward system solution for something that has to be every piano student's requirement when practising?

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Indeed, looking at that rather ancient score I tested, Musescore V2 seems to have treated the two staves as separate instruments. That points to a current workaround. Add a second piano instrument and cut and paste one stave from the original to the new instrument and then delete the empty, unused staves from the original and the new instruments. This then loses the instrument-wide scope of operation of dynamics, but that is sometimes (rarely though) an advantage.

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