Warbly audio when exporting using Musestrings

• Mar 4, 2023 - 19:47

Whenever I try to export my piece using the Musestrings sound bank, the audio turns out crackly and strange. I've tried exporting as both mp3 and wav, changing my buffer size and audio device, as well as switching back to MS basic sounds, but the issue persists.

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Lullaby for a Sleepy Soul.mscz 99.84 KB


Does it sound the same when playing back directly? Can you upload the mp3 somewhere and post a link here so we can hear what you are? Is there a specific place within the score we should be listening to in order to hear the problem?

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I guess maybe you're referring to a slight unevenness in the vibrato of that one cello note? That's not the same as what you described originally, though, so I can't be sure. Everything else seems totally fine, and certainly nothing anywhere that I could call "crackly".

Anyhow, I do hear that subtle vibrato oddity. It's probably connected to the hairpin swell. I reported something similar a while ago, or thought I did anyhow - I can't find it now. So feel free to open an issue on the Muse Sounds support site - musehub.zendesk.com.

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