How to get no time sig but nominal value 3/4?

• Mar 4, 2023 - 17:11

Hi all,
I need to engrave a hymn that has no time signature in the score, but is nominally 3/4 (the time signature can't appear). When you delete a time signature, the score reverts back to having a nominal measure value of 4/4. Is there a way to get each measure to have 3 beats that is simpler than either changing each measure in measure properties, or splitting and deleting a beat out of each measure?

(Some clarification: I can't just make the time signature invisible, it has to not be there at all.)
EDIT: I use both Musescore 3 and 4 atm, so help for both would be ideal!
EDIT 2: my current workaround is to make the whole piece one enormous measure and split it but that isnt the most ideal

Thank you!


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