Beam does'nt align when having a rest underneath

• Mar 3, 2023 - 09:24


I just had the following problem : when i try to have a rest under a beam, the beam does not align with the rest of the beams of the bar (see the screenshot). When you link all the beams it looks good, but that's not what I'm searching for, sadly. Do you have any idea how to deal with this problem ? Thanks in advance.


Oups, sorry for forgetting the file.
Measure 19 : used beam properties to link beams over the rest, but the beam does'nt naturally align with the first beam of the measure, which seems pretty odd. I keeped it here as an exemple, I managed a way around by manually aligning the beams in other cases. Does anyone have a more "automatic" solution ?

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This isn't to do with the rest, actually, it's just that different numbers of beams require different stem lengths. Actually the rules around this are rather complex, and there are situations where they might come out the same (see b49 for example), but basically what you're seeing here is exactly what I'd expect to see according to how beams are implemented in MuseScore 4.

In the case of b19, the main reason for the difference is that the first beat has its stems shortened because they are extending outside the stave. You can turn off 'Shorten stems' in Style > Notes to see the difference, though this will change lots of other beam positions too. Sibelius and Dorico don't shorten these particular stems as they are following slightly different rules. the MU4 system is flexible enough that you will be able to achieve that same result if you want, but not until a later release when we've figured out a sensible way to organise and expose those settings.

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