Violin musesound font doesn't include all notes in the violins range (Edit)

• Mar 3, 2023 - 07:55

I was working on a version of Sibelius' Violin concerto and I noticed the new Musesounds font doesn't actually include the full violin range. There is an E7 early on, and when I play the section back, it plays everything else perfectly, but then complete silence for that note (its labeled "Sibelius violin concerto WIP" on my profile if you want to check, last line of the first page). After some testing it seems there are only sounds up to about C7, as there is a D7 and a G7 later on that also don't play. Is this something others have noticed?

Edit: I have been messing around with it tonight, and interestingly, while neither "Solo Violin 1" or Solo Violin 2" for Muse Sounds will play it, the "Violins 1/Violins2" one actually will. The MS Basic and ones play it as well. Weird.

Also: just wanted to give huge props to the musescore team for the new musesounds, because each one I've tried is incredible. The Sibelius Concerto on the "Solo Violin 1" is actually a good example, probably one of the most expressive and vivid violin pieces ever, and it sounds like I'm just listening to an actual recording of a human playing the piece. Its basically perfect.


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