• Mar 3, 2023 - 05:12

I just downloaded a soundfont from musehub. It does not appear in the musescore 4 mixer. So where is the file?


Muse Hub doesn't have soundfonts, only Muse Sounds. So don't look in the "soundfonts" section, look in the Muse Sounds section. Also be sure you didn't change to a non-standard download location; that won't work. You might need to restart MuseScore if it was running when you did the download.

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Normally, assuming you started MuseScore after installing the sounds, new scores will get the sounds by default where available (eg, for most orchestral instruments). But for existing scores, to convert them to the new sounds, go to View / Playback setup. You can also use the mixer to select the sounds individually instrument by instrument if you prefer.

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