"Copyright on first page only" not working

• Mar 3, 2023 - 03:10

To reproduce:

  1. Format > Style > Header, Footer

  2. Select "Footer text" and "Show on first page" under it.

  3. Enter this text in the "Odd/Even > Middle" field:

$C My copyright text

  1. Despite the "$C" (with upper-case C) tag, the text appears on all pages.


The "My copyright text" doesn't belong into the footer, only the $C.
The copyright text itself belongs into File > Project properties > copyright

In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Oops, right, my mistake... "RTFM", right? 😉

I was confused, as none of the text you enter in the "Project Propeties" form's other fields actually appear on the score. (You add them via Add > Text.)

Doesn't it seem a bit convoluted, entering the © text in a form that's otherwise (apparently) just for recording invisible metadata? (Title, Composer, etc. there don't actually appear on the score.)

Entering it in the Style > Header, Footer form also allows multi-line © text (a common thing), too (unlike Project Properties). But then the tags don't work, apparently... They could though, couldn't they?

Copyrights still do not work properly. K;ve followed what you have and it will hurt the copyright on every page not just the first. It also doesn't allow you to break the line to make the entire copyright readable.

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