Muse Sound Instruments Not Playing

• Mar 1, 2023 - 15:49

I am trying to use MuseScore 4 and its ability to use Muse Sounds for instruments. I have a rather long score with many instruments from MuseScore 3 that I wanted to try this with. When I imported the score, all the Muse Sounds were automatically implemented, and when I clicked on the individual notes the Muse Sound instrument played the note. However, when I attempted to to play the score back, only the MS Basic instruments played. When I changed some instruments from Muse Sound to MS Basic, they would also play, but not when I changed it back. Any way to make Muse Sound instruments play during playback?


If Muse Sounds are activated in View/Playback setup, and they are loaded in the mixer, then that is what should playback. How are you determining that MS Basic sounds are being used?

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