What exactly is 'duplicate part' for ?

• Mar 1, 2023 - 10:36


At first I want to excuse my english esp. regarding musical expressions. I'm not very familiar with them.
I downloaded an arrangement for 'It's raining men' for our orchestra.

As addition to Euphonium (C in bass clef) I also need Bariton (B in treble clef), but with the same notes. So I duplicated the Euphonium, named it Bariton and changed clef and transposed the notes to the right key.
When I exported the parts I realized that the Euphonium had the same changes I made to the Bariton!?!?

Why is that? And can I tell MuseScore 4 to leave the Original when I change the copy?
If not....what is the purpose of duplicating a part?

I searched the handbook but it only says that a part can be duplicated.

Regards and kudos to a great piece of software!! :-)


You have to make a new instrument (that doesn't use the same voice) and then do a "select all" of the part you want copied and paste it in the new voice.

Otherwise you will be editing the voice you selected (as you have found out).

Sometimes people might want parts with different sets of instruments - like a woodwinds parts but also a reed instruments part, etc. Duplicate gives you a way to of getting started on that.

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I have a score where one line is for viola, but the music also fits on the violin, so I need a part with an alto clef for the viola player and another part with a treble clef for when the viola is not available. With a linked staff, the clef changes on both parts. Is there another way to do this, please? Thanks.

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