MuseScore 4 crashing only in one score

• Mar 1, 2023 - 09:08

Hi, I'm working in the reduction for piano and violin of a concertino I wrote and any time I want to add measures, the program crashes. Furthermore, if I try to save the file, it also crashes.

I first wrote the entire Concertino in MuseScore 3 and the playback in MuseScore 4 also crashes. I have to say that only happens in this score.

However, making things worse, I can't edit the reduced version of the piece in MuseScore 3 because I already edited it in MuseScore 4. What can I do? I have a deadline at the end of the week...

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Concertino_piano.mscz 121.83 KB


I did one of the hints of user 'elsewhere': extract the mscx using 7-zip and opened it in v. 3.6.2.
Try the attached file. Additionally, I deleted the part that was already generated.
Maybe you need to reformat the title elements.

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Concertino_piano_3-6-2.mscz 56.43 KB

Thank you all. I will try the 4.0.2 pre-release because, unfortunately, nothing seems to heal this score if I want to work with it in MuseScore 4.

Hilde, thank you very much! Now it works fine in 3.6.2, I will work with that.

Thank you all again.

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