Better lyrics positioning

• Mar 1, 2023 - 06:43

The current lyrics placement options allows lyric to be placed above all statffs or below all staffs. It would be much more intutive and useful if lyrics placement was assigned separately by each voice rather than a single placement option for the entire score. Consider very common 4-part vocals scores with two staves each having two voices (Sop/Alto and Tenor/Bass for example). It is often desirable to have Soprano lyrics above the top staff, alto lyrics below top staff, tenor lyrics above bottom staff and bass lyrics below bottom staff. There doesn't appear to be anyway to do this in Musescore 4.

Also the lyric formatting options for some reason don't allow the lyrics to get "too close" to the stave for reasons unknown. It would be better of the position number was always honor and if the result is poor, the user and experiment with setting to get a desirable one.

Bottom line is users need 100% control over WHERE lyrics for each voice are placed.


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I am just following the Musescore4 the manual. Was there a way to split lyrics to be both above the score and below the score for different voices? If so how do you do it? The only setting I'm finding is for the whole score and they're all above or all below and my question is is that just the way it is or is there something I'm missing?

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Different people use various techniques. This one works for me when setting SATB (closed stave):
1. Enter the Soprano lyrics in full, using the default "below the stave" positioning.
2. Then right-click on a lyric syllable, choose Select > More... > enable Same Stave + Same Voice > press OK.
3. Type X to flip the Soprano lyrics above the stave.
4. Enter the Alto lyrics into the default "below the stave" position.

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