Jazz chord inversion notation

• Feb 28, 2023 - 21:07

I'd like to ask for your advice on this kind of jazz chord inversion notation: superscript number: eg C7 superscript 1,2,3 ... and C9 superscript 9_1,2,3... . I've seen some used them but I've never used them myself and I try to avoid because they confuse me with the vertically stacked number notation (like the figured bass). But I'm writing a plugin and I'd like to offer the option.

What does that superscript number meaning? Does superscript 1 (and 9_1) notate first inversion or root pos? I tried to search online but couldn't find the reddit post I've seen.
Are they popular in published material at all? Which place/genre of musicians usually use them?


It's a little hard to tell what you mean without seeing a picture. I am having trouble imagining how the numbers 1,2,3 would ever figure into a chord symbol, inversion or otherwise.

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> I've seen some used them but I've never used them myself

That's ok. Hearing from an experienced jazz musician not recognizing these symbol actually helps me evaluate them, may be I shouldn't use them at all.
Anyone who've seen (or not) and could understand them are welcome to comment.

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Again, they are nonsense, of course you shouldn't use them. What would you hope to gain by writing a symbol that neither you nor anyone else has any idea how to interpret?

So again, the question is, what are you actually trying to accomplish? If there is a specific chord you are wondering how to name, just ask that. But be aware, not all arbitrary combinations of notes have names. But elsewhere you mentioned some sort of plugin. I really think you should start a new thread and describe in general terms just what problem you are trying to solve and how you are proposing going about solving it via a plugin. Then we can advise better.

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