Chord symbol syntax

• Feb 28, 2023 - 19:03

Musescore parses and creates correct font format , and notes / audio for correctly entered chord symbols. Do you know if there is a reference resources for all valid chord symbols? Like assertion table. I'd like my plugin to create symbols with correct syntax but I'm not good at complex jazz symbols eg which of these does musescore understand C6/9, C(6/9), C6(add9), C69, C(69) ?
The handbook contains general rules only…


There is no "table"; MuseScore has a parser that attempts to sort out pretty much anything that fits the general form of a chord symbol. That forms goes something like this:

root quality extension modifer1 modifier2 modifier3... / bass


root = a pitch
quality = an indication of major, minor, diminished, or augmented
extension = a number indicating the highest unaltered extension
modifier = something of the form "b9", "sus4", "omit3", etc, optionally enclosed in parentheses, optionally separated by commas
bass = a pitch

Then there are a few "special" chord symbols like the aforementioned 6/9, these are recognized individually.

You could try my Solo Analyser plugin.

That plugin comes with a library and second plugin that analyses which notes are in the selected chord (I realise its page in the plugin listing is not clear about this). See the plugin's page on GitHub for more info.

The library is here.

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