Where is my bass drum in a Drumset?

• Feb 28, 2023 - 15:54

I am trying to create a percussion part that will have "Closed Hi Hat", Snare Drum, and Bass Drum. I have tried to Edit the drumset and can't find the bass drum sound or staff location. I would make it voice 2 with stems down. Snare and Hi Hat Voice 1. I am including the image of what I see for the staff locations for various hits. Where do I find the Bass Drum so I can add it to my part?


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The bass drum is B1 or C2 (AKA note 35 or 36). One way to find it (and other sounds) is to open up the piano keyboard and try various keys to find the sound you want.

One more thing: The default drumset instrument already has those instruments, and the bass drum is already in voice 2 (which BTW automatically has stems down). Just curious, why are you completely remaking it?

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Thank you. It turns out that I had made the part originally "Percussion" and the bass drum didn't show up. I removed that part and added a drumset for the "Jazz category" and was able to create the Snare, closed Hi Hat and Bass drum on the staff. Thanks.

Another question if I may, how would create a part that would have a tom drum and cowbell for the same player?

What soundfont are you using, and which preset within it? If it's General MIDI compatible, then the bass drum is at the standard location, MIDI pitch 35. Otherwise, you'll need to consult the documentation for your soundfont to learn if it includes a bass drum sample and if so what MIDI itch triggers it.

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