First letter of chords dissapear after pressing Enter

• Feb 28, 2023 - 14:32

Hello, after typing any chord (i.e., Gm7), and typing Enter, the first letter disappears, and the score only shows "m7". What am I doing wrong? Thanks (see attached screen capture)

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Assuming that is indeed an import from MusicXML or another format, then you'll need to save & reload, or change the chord symbol style to Jazz and back in Format / Style / Chord symbols, to work around the import bug.

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Other forms of import as well, for sure. Could also conceivably happen with certain custom chord description XML files. But not in the normal scores created within MuseScore and not using custom XML - at least, I'm not aware of any such reports.

If this score was not the result of import, please attach the actual score rather than a picture, so we can investigate further.

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