Opeing More Than 1 Score at a Time

• Feb 28, 2023 - 12:55

I use MuseScore- on Linux.

I am struggling to play classical guitar, so the scores I have are quite short.

When I open Musescore, I usually open the last score I played from the home menu.

After playing this, i will open another score either using 'Open' or 'Open Recent'

When I do this I get another instance of Musescore opening with that score.

What I was expecting was the original instance of Musescore with 2 scores, as with most software that opens files for editing / viewing.

Is this normal behaviour?




This has been discussed at greater length in many posts before yours. It's better to search for these before posting, as the quality of replies really drops off after the dozenth post on the same issue.

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Yeah, honestly, I would just like to voice too that not only is it shit, this issue should never have come up in the first place, and at this point, expressing anger about it repeatedly is fair game.

I should add that the previous posts were mostly for macOS so a Linux post is truly fair game!

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As discussed in much earlier posts, SDI has been the direction over MDI for the last 30 years.

"expressing anger about it repeatedly is fair game." but unproductive as it takes more resources to deal with the same issue repeatedly.

I've produced over a 1000 often complex scores in Musescore and this design change makes zero difference to me.

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At some point, since you keep mentioning other threads, this not how it works on a Mac and is apparently terrible for Linux users too.

As far as your lack of concern, great, but others are unhappy, and the way that this was defended as being by design was really insulting — it took quite a bit of effort for anyone to acknowledge that this basically breaks using it on a Mac; I would love to use some newer features of Ventura, but can’t, since I have multiple instances and no tabs. This is unlike in Musescore 3 or in other programs which are single instances with multiple windows (or tabs the way macOS does them) — I turn on Stage Manager and click without the swiping action that is activated switching to a new program.

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The multiplatform code they use breaks things on every platform AFAICT, but you're still better off focussing your issues, and making them as coherent and well-argued as possible onto the original posts. That is speaking as someone who has triaged bugs and issues on projects much larger and far longer-lived than Musescore. Also, having been on internet tech forums for over 25years, my observation is that if you can't search for prior instances of your issue before posting your near identical post, you just seem self-indulgent. The search on this site is obviously shit for something created in the 21st century but it's not impossible.

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A) so what? This is new behavior that was avoidable if they just asked some Mac folks “is this a good idea?” which. It’s not just about the fact that they had to make this work with Ventura and did something which breaks a new feature that came with that OS. But it speaks to the arrogance of the defense mounted originally that has left an incredibly sour taste in my mouth. It is going to be months if not years before they fix this. That should be intolerable.

That’s not the only broken thing that that was broken or made more complex for no apparent reason other than a disconnect between developers, but it’s the one that has a direct relationship to the hardware and the OS… the others are inconvenient and annoying, but shouldn’t cause things to get screwy.

B) you surely also learned to scroll on by, right?

C) eh, so what? Even if you do use the Google tricks, the right combination of keywords is funky enough that either you ignore it or give them some slack.

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My guess is that this will never be fixed. Rather than waste time accusing people you know nothing about, you might figure out ways to work with it. And there are ways. Oh, I know you think you shouldn't have to. We are all having to deal with the changes. Get on with it.

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Indeed it is better searching first - this is what I did

A plain search (using DuckDuckGo) of "[MuseScore] Opening More Than 1 Score at a Time" reveals 2 hits, on the front page (10 results all related to Musicscore.org ) one being my post and the other a similar post but for the Mac platform. Does it work the same on the Mac? I don't know.

Using the helpful hint as posted below, a search using "site:https://musescore.org/en/forum Opening more than 1 score at a time" reveals 0 hits

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