If I (by accident) overwrite a score and want to go back to the previous version, can I do that or did I screw myself?

• Feb 28, 2023 - 00:24

Some dude had the same question, but I'm lost with the responses. I have a mac.


The other thread is from three years ago, totally different version of MuseScore, also they were on Windows. So no surprise that advice didn't apply to you.

The way to recover older versions of files on macOS is "Time Machine". For more info on how to use that, best to consult a general Apple support forum.

But also, if you don't mind losing your last editing session, MuseScore does make a backup at the start of every editing session, so you can get to how it was before. Enable display of hidden files & folders, and you'll see a folder called ".mscbackup" in the same folder as you score. In there you'll find a version of your score as it existed at the start of the previous editing session. J7st rename it to remove any extra characters from the file and then you can open it normally.

Use a cloud-sync service like DropBox, OneDrive and always work with your files stored there. They offer automatic multi-version backup which is invaluable for anyone creating documents.

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