Portamento in glissandi not "portamenting"

• Feb 27, 2023 - 18:40

After a lot of searching on the forum i was unable to experience the smooth transition between the notes with glissando. After checking "Properties > General > Playback > Glissando > Style > Portamento" the two notes sound like if they were played with one another instead of 'sliding' to the second note. (the first two bars sound exactly like the latter two bars)
I searched for something like a slider that was available for 3.x versions, but i couldn't find that either
Can you please help?

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Thank you jounip for the help, But unfortunately this only works on ( Solo Strings), it didn't work with me when I tried what you did on the bigger strings , And I think because it's not yet made for the orchestra strings and not programed for a transition or portamento even when going to its settings only the other Glissandos work but not the portamento, But I hope it gets in the app fast because it's a need and a plus, it's very expressive.

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