Glisses appearing in score but not in part

• Feb 26, 2023 - 11:55

I have a bar with a couple of glisses. They show in the full score but not in the generated part.

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I think that the Parts generation is a bit messed up altogether.

This what I found about measure 152:
1. Open the score in MS 4.0.1
2. Note that the Baritone Sax has Chord Line: Slide in below in full score, but no glisss in Bari Sax part
3. Export as MusicXML (.mxl format)
4. Open the .mxl file in MS 3.6.2
5. Generate parts in MS 3.6.2
6. Examine the Baritone Sax part in MS 3.6.2- gliss is exported from MS4 (or imported into MS3) as Chord Line: Scoop

So I think that perhaps there is some confusion about the enumeration of different glissando elements which leads to the gliss being missed from the Bari Sax part in MS4.

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  1. As a workaround, you can add the missing glisses to the Baritone Saxophone part (see attached score).
    ... and then:
  2. You can check on Github to see whether this problem has already been confirmed and reported:…
  3. If there is no report yet on Github, you can create a very short extract score which confirms the problem.
  4. Submit a report on Github with your example score and descriptive "steps to reproduce the fault":
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