Keep sustain pedal pressed at end?

• Feb 26, 2023 - 11:31

I'd like to mark that the player should keep the sustain pedal pressed at end of the final measure of the score, but I'm not sure how to do it. I'm using pedal lines, but none of the line types seem to keep it held indefinitely. The angled end seems to hold the very last notes during playback, which is the best version I've found so far. However, I'd like to know the proper way to mark it, one that the playback engine understands. Here's the finale in question:


Essentially, I'd like to keep the sustain so that all the notes from these last two measures ring out their full duration.


I've ready this post more than once, I'm trying to decide what to comment. What comes to my mind as a SUGGESTION / experiment, is to add two empty measures after what you've got so far. For the pedal marking in the piano L.H., ADD the '*' (or alternative) symbol that would tell the pianist to release the pedal. Then, on the last measure containing notes, place a fermata above the 'B' note in the R.H. - and use the Inspector to extend the effect of the fermata beyond 1.0 (try 1.75 or 2.5).

The two parallel points of your question (in my mind) are 1) what the score looks like, 2) what is sound is produced in playback. It's my opinion that a fermata is prudent in either case, because of what your seeking.

But, as a caveat, NO FERMATA and just the notation indicating a pedal right through to the end of the last measure, should have everything ring out as notated...

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