• Feb 25, 2023 - 08:03

Why do plugins not just come with the app without the rigmarole of downloading. I've watched a video of how to add a tempo change plugin and it's way too techie for me. Is there an easy way?



I only use guitar scores and only work with TAB, so most plugins would not be useful to me and I would see a long list of irrelevant plugins in Plugin Manager. It's probably true that most users only make use of a small subset of the available plugins, so it would be a bit overkill to have them all pre-installed. Besides, new user contributed plugins appear at random.

I do agree that it would be nice if they were easier to install. One method that I have seen with another popular piece of free software, (Calibre eBook manager), is to have all available plugins in a list with a description of what they do and who the author is, (think about trust and safety issues!), plus a tick box to download and install any plugins that you require. This works really well and hides all the techie stuff.

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