New Day - A new adventure with Musescore

• Feb 24, 2023 - 20:41

I opened up the program and I'm getting strings playing with my piano part, the only instrument listed. How did I manage this? LOL Idiot noob!!!


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The only thing I was able to accomplish was to slide instrument 3 to Zero, so, no cello and I managed to take out the blue flag thingy.The chords will not ring, I have tried every possible combo with the two options. Score/edit/preferences/advanced/score harmony play disabled and the other one below it. No go. I even selected all and copied and put in a new score. Samo, nada.

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In "Format/Style/Chord Symbols" switch on 'Play'. See cursor:

"Play part only" has only a function if you have generated parts from a score with more than one instrument.
Then you can select the part, e.g. trumpet, and default the trumpet is playing solo. If you uncheck this box, then you can hear additionally all instruments of your score. It cannot be operated in the main score window.

To hear piano chords, open the mixer, click on the arrow of the bass channel. I wonder why strings sound in your score, usually it's a piano sound - I don't know.
You'll get two other channels, one named Pno.-Chord. Select it and choose as sound a piano. Mybe this name depends on the installed sound font, but a piano should be there how ever it is called exactly. In my MS 3.6.2 it is called "Stereo Grand".
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As a side-mention, and if you're new to the message Forum, if you title your post with a brief summary of the issue at hand, people that have already dealt with said issue may be more apt to comment in a supportive way.

Your current post title only gives viewers the idea you're, perhaps, trying to stay positive with something that is a challenge. Only because of curiosity did I open your post. Those who otherwise could help may just pass by.

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