3/4 Time

• Feb 24, 2023 - 01:26

Why is it that in measure 45, there is a half note and a quarter note and it's ok but when I try the same thing for measure 46, it puts in a half note then an eighth note and ties it to the next measure. Driving me mad but not a long trip. Thanks

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Exactly what key stroke sequence are you performing?
In 3/4 time you need to place the quarter note on beat 3:
measure 46.png
Follow the step described above.

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I must not have explained it too well. Why can't I do the same as in measure 45? What my score shows is a tied eighth note to measure 47. I want it to be just like measure 45 but it won't do that. I copied and pasted measures 29-31 and that worked somewhat. Trying to figure out the note input is quite a puzzle. Trying to add rests, etc.. I tried tieing measure 45 f note to the g but it went 4 more notes and tied it to another f. Thanks for your help.

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You don't want to delete them. You need to make those measures three beats. Is this a PDF import? this happens sometimes. Anyway, right click on the note input icon. Select "Insert". Add a dotted quarter note to measure 17 and a quarter note to 39. Then change notes as needed.

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