Corrupt scores won't open - even new, smaller ones

• Feb 23, 2023 - 07:10

Really hope someone else who has run into this knows a good workaround. Most of the Corrupt Score reports seem to center on various issues once the score is open; I keep getting corrupted scores that will not open. I tried unzipping the mcsx file out of the mcsz, as per one suggestion, but get a data error on unzip. The attached demo is just a few measures in, and as you can see (maybe), I've hardly even got anything in it yet. Less than 10 measures of one part. It's certainly not corrupting because of file complexity!

No luck on autosaves. The score will look like it's saved successfully, so those apparently disappear from the two hidden folders they may be in; but even when there was one, I couldn't get anything out of it.

May I suggest, unless whatever bug is corrupting files is squashed in the next update, that we get the option to have multiple automatic backup files whenever saving? I.e., score.bk1, score.bk2, score.bk3, etc? I've used other programs that do that, and it could be immensely helpful in this instance. Assuming not every backup would be corrupted, having at least some of your work is better than all or none.

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Corrupted score example.mscz 25.36 KB


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