Unable to add dot to rests.....

• Nov 15, 2009 - 19:31
S4 - Minor

I know that rests can have dots, especially if I add a count-in measure of 3/4 in a 4/4 score, the rest will appear with a rest. However, no matter the value of the rest that is before me, I can't add a dot to it, because it just goes on cutting the next time beat with the dot................

It would be cool if this would get fixed...



I don't understand your bug report. In MuseScore dotted rests work the same way as dotted notes. Are you not able to create dotted notes either?

There are a few ways to add dotted rests. Here is one way

  1. Press "N" to begin note entry
  2. In the note entry toolbar select a duration
  3. In the note entry toolbar select rest button
  4. In the note entry toolbar select the augmentation dot
  5. Click at location on staff to add rest to the score

If you want your bug report to be helpful, it's better to give steps to reproduce from a blank score.
And often, a picture does not explain everything because we don't know how you manage to have this picture on your screen.
Take a look to David bug reports for an example.

dude, I understand what you're saying. This bug does not need a blank score from which to recreate the issue, nor did I attach a screenshot which is impossible to replicate.

Just try selecting any rest in any score and hit the dot button in order to make it dotted. See what happens.

This was my question, why can't we add dots to rests as we are able to to notes?

I understood your bug report after comment #4 above but I didn't get a chance to write it up till now: http://www.musescore.org/en/node/3466

As to why the bug exist: we won't know until someone looks at the code. Since the bug isn't present in 0.9.5 it is probably an unintended side effect of fixing something else that was unnoticed until you reported it.

See the Handbook section on Note entry . Dots, like any other aspect of note duration, need to be selected *before* you enter the note or rest. So a dotted quarter rest is "5 . 0", not "5 0 ."

In the future, please use the forum for questions about how to use MuseScore. The issue tracker here is only for reporting bugs.