MuseScore 4 autosave not working. MACOS Monterey 12.6.3

• Feb 22, 2023 - 22:57

The autosave feature is not working. MACOS Monterey 12.6.3
I checked the session folder and only found a .json file. It doesn't seem to make any difference if you change the interval in Preferences. Is this the only place where autosaved files could be?

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Autosave files are no longer in the old MU3 location, they are now in the same folder as the score itself, with the word "autosave" appended, and normally marked hidden.

As a further comment the autosave was working for a while - as noted below - but now is not working. My workaround is a smartphone app that reminds you to save every 3 minutes. It is a shame as MU4 works perfectly otherwise.

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Can you be more specific? What exactly is happening to lead you to believe that autosave is not working?

Of course, you should be saving often anyhow, in any computer program, that's just plain common sense. Again, autosave is not a substitute for saving normally, it's just a failsafe in the event of crash.

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Is the file still open, and you've actually made changes to it? The other file you were seeing was, I think, a red herring - as I said, the "saving" should not be seen normally at all as far as I know. It shows up very briefly during the save and then gets deleted, or renamed anyhow. I just tested again and that's how it works _ iwas able to watch the "saving" flash briefly before the real autosave file appeared.

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The screenshot I sent was made after the file was closed. i had made extensive changes during the 20 minutes. After recieving your reply I opened it again and made some changes and an autosave file did appear - see attached, which was made when the file was open.
Ah! I think I get it. When I closed the file, the autosave file disappeared. I guess this is how it is meant to work - as you say the autosave only comes into play if there is a crash. I was confusing it with how Sibelius autosave works - the files stay there & end up cluttering up your hard drive. Thanks for your prompt attention. I'll continue to save frequently.

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Precisely - since the autosave is there solely to allow you to recover unsaved work in the event of a crash, once you successfully close the file, the autosave no longer serves a purpose and is deleted.

There is a separate backup file that does indeed stick around "forever". You can see it in your original screen shot, in the ".mscbackup" folder. This one is created at the beginning of an editing session, the first time you save a file, to record the state of the file before you started editing. That way if something bad happens during the editing session, you can always get back to the way it was at the start of the session.

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