Musescore does't recognize my key press

• Feb 22, 2023 - 14:56

Hello Community,
I want to type my guitar TABs into Musescore and all worked fine until I wanted to add a Note on the 8th fret.
Musescore does not recognize the 8 when I press it but if I open a textfield I can type all the 8s I want. Also in other Programms the keyboard works. The same problem ist with the 9. Just those Numbers. All the others work and everything else works too.
I would appreciate an answer.
Thank you in advance.



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Can you be more precise? What OS are you on, what keyboard layout, and what version of MuseScore, and did you did the Help / Revert to factory settings as suggested? If the problem persists, please give precise steps to reproduce. So far I don't anyone else is experiencing this. In order to investigate, the developers will need to know how to reproduce the problem.

I have the same problem, I kept pressing 8 and 9 to tab guitar (for the fret numbers) but nothing woul dbe inputed. I had a swedish keyboard on a mac, I now switch between english and swedish keyboard, I use the english one for number 8 and 9. Very bad design :(
I hear the german keyboard has the same problem, wouldn't be surprised if the norwegian and dashit keyboard were the same.

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