MuseScore 4 — VST Support, Kontakt, Indigenus sound libraries

• Feb 21, 2023 - 19:28

I've not used VST libraries recently, and I'm not particularly familiar with the required setup of VST configuration, so I'm hoping to benefit from the experience of others before moving ahead.

Anyone know if MuseScore 4.01 can use playing libraries from ... or libraries with the same/similar requirements? My understanding is that a full version of Kontakt is required. So I guess the core question is if Kontakt and MuseScore 4 work well together.

I'd like to try some of my arrangements and transcriptions with the steel string guitar, nylon string guitar and resophonic guitar and the ukulele from Indigenous.




The following posts are by MuseScore 4 users working with Kontakt:

And here are citations in the MuseScore 4 Handbook:

I'm hoping a couple of people will chime in with some MuseScore4/Kontakt success stories!


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It's four months later now ... and two days ago I got Kontakt 7 at their 50% off sale.

Yesterday I got Kontakt 7 working in Logic.

Today I opened Kontakt 7 in MuseScore 4.02. Worked perfectly ... with a couple of minor issues:

     1) it takes about 7 second to open the plugin
     2) anytime I leave the score the Kontakt plugin window closes
     3) I don't see a way to have the Kontakt plugin open but behind the score window.

MacOS Ventura 13.3.1a
Macbook Air M2, 24GB RAM, 2TB SSD

Glad to see this working. I'll also test to see if I can access 3rd party libraries ... and my first choice will be those from

Otherwise I'm back to MuseScore 3.7.


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