How to play left hand and right hand separately?

• Feb 21, 2023 - 16:46

Hello community,
I am wondering if it is possible to play bass or trebble clef separately?
Was trying to find similar thread, but did not succeed. If I double it - I am sorry.
Thanks in advance for the reply.



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I have one more question - cannot figur it out so far.
Is it possible to show the keyboard and when playing the notes to see then exactly on the keyboard?
When I use keyboard is the view menu it show off, but when pleaying the piece nothing is shown on the keyboard. So wondering how to link the notes to the keyboard...

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Sorry to butt in but I have the same question and I don't understand how you solved the problem. Could you explain what you did? The example file doesn't show piano names but they appear in the mixer where they can be selectively muted. How is this done?

I can't find any way to attach piano names (piano 1, piano 2 etc) to existing two part (left and right hand) staves.

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play bass or trebble clef separately?
I inserted two Pianos (image 1);
I opened Properties (F8), selected the left hand in the dialog box and deleted it by clicking on the trash can (figure 2);
I repeated the passage for the right hand in Piano 2;
From the palette I added the Bracket and adjusted it.
If you don't want Piano 1 and Piano 2 to appear click and Delete.

Using two Pianos and hiding the empty Staves you can get the attached PDF (generated with 2.3.2)

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Thanks for replying, it's good of you to take the trouble. I was hoping for a more elegant solution along the lines of the introduction of two new voices or instruments; namely Piano RH and Piano LH.

With these additions, existing scores could be played "as they are" without having to edit and save them in different formats. A simple to implement and a very pleasing, consonant solution?

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You wrote:
I have an existing piano score I want to play right and left hand separately (for practice).

Another approach is to select all the notes in a staff and untick "Play" in the Properties tab.
So, for example, select the first measure of the bass clef then hold down Ctrl + Shift + End to select the entire bass clef staff. Untick "Play" and you will hear only the treble staff play.

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Thank you. This is absolutely perfect. MuseScore strikes again. It never lets me down.

(There are lots of requests on the Forum for this feature. It might be worth the MuseScore team considering including a specific note in the handbook about it. It's such a valuable piece of functionality for piano students.)

You could try using two physical keyboards/controllers, LH on the 1st, RH on the 2nd. Within MuseScore, assign the LH and RH as separate instruments, just delete the opposite hand from each

i.e. RH Instrument 1, LH instrument 2.

I don't know whether MuseScore supports multichannel MIDI input, but if it does, this method can often work well.

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