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• Feb 21, 2023 - 16:36


This is a very good plugin, usable even on big scores.
For MS4, perhaps you could add a description and a title?
This does not seem to work (on Linux)
chordDialog.title = chordDialog.menuPath.replace('Plugins.','')
i changed it to
chordDialog.title = "ChordID";
Works fine on MS4 Linux


  property var dangerousexit
    if (mscoreMajorVersion >= 4) {

is quite tricky, but not needed at all as Qt.quit() is wrong in any case (just in Mu3 doesn't lead to crashes).
if you insist on keeping it and just want to avoid the warning thet quit() gives un Mu3, @mirabilos came up with a nice trick:

     (typeof(quit) === 'undefined' ? Qt.quit : quit)();

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Thank you @graffesmusic and @Jojo-Schmitz for reporting that bug, so MS4 does not support the assignment of menuPath. How is the color picker working on linux? QML documentation isn't very clear.

@Jojo-Schmitz thanks for your comment and tips on quit(). I'd remove all of them but the original plugin is 'dialog' and I need to close the plugin window. The typeof trick from @mirabilos is smart !

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Yea I noticed that too, made a careless mistake causes that regression, updated just now, pls try the

Thanks for the screenshot, the Linux color picker is much more intuitive.

Makes me think, how should a amateur coder deliver stable / test version of a tiny project such as this, without overcomplicating the matter?

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Please note that the latest version does not work on MS4 (loop).
On MS3 it works fine.
2023-02-23T12:14:08.211 | ERROR | main_thread | AppShell | run: error: file:///home/charles/Documents/MuseScore4Development/Plugins/musescore_chordid/ChordID.qml:703:5: QML Flow: Flow called polish() inside updatePolish() of Flow

2023-02-23T12:14:08.211 | WARN | main_thread | Qt | file:///home/charles/Documents/MuseScore4Development/Plugins/musescore_chordid/ChordID.qml:703:5: QML Flow: Flow called polish() inside updatePolish() of Flow

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Updated, should be fine now. with a responsive interface.
Its seems though in ms4 responsive interface requires manual window resizing at each startup, maybe cos of the developmental status of underlining current plugin api.


  • Better conventional roman numeral analysis.
  • Revamp chord matching / analysis logic.
  • More user-friendly interface and functions.

Hi there,

Using the latest version of Musescore and Windows, the colour assignment for chords paints all notes in the colour most recently chosen on whatever degree, regardless of the 1st, 2nd 3rd allocation etc. Does anyone know a way to fix this? It also resets all the colours in the colour allocation sample box to that same colour when Musescore is closed and opened again.

Selfishly, it would be fantastic if this plug in had the option to include Jazz analysis, what you have so far is fantastic, just with the addition all the harmonic extensions, 7, 9, 11 and 13 plus alterations.


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Hi MegaBigDank,

Thank you for reporting the bugs.

Re: colour assignment bug and colour option reset bug.
Did you mean the latest musescore 4.0.2 ? I have not tried out 4.0.2 yet. The plugin is tested on musescore 3.6.2 and 4.0.1 Windows, have you tried these version? did you encounter problems with them?

Re: Jazz analysis with the extensions and alterations.
Do you have a particular chord in mind? Some chord extensions and alterations are already included. I updated the plugin overview page just now to show a part of the internal chord matching chart (scroll down to see). Feel free to edit the chart to you liking, just open the .QML files with any text editor program, the code is free, no need to ask for any permission.
I'm not familiar at all with Jazz chord extensions and which to pick in enharmonic chords such as Cadd6 or Cadd13, is there a popular set of "street rules"? I know not all extensions and alterations are created equal, I guess there's a complex and sometimes subjective decision making considering voicing and tone omission and context of the music phrase. Coding the analysis may be out of my skill level, so I just go with the previous contributors.
I'd love if you share with us your chord matching decisions and knowledge and part of the chart you unsatisfactory.

Please note that the feature of chord extensions for roman numeral eg IVsus4 are removed in this plugin.

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