When is the tie bug gonna be fixed?

• Nov 15, 2009 - 19:29
S4 - Minor

I know that there is an other thread here that contains info about this bug, but it's kinda been a while since ties between for example 32nd notes are displayed extremely small, so small that they are unable to be seen.

Could you guys please fix this issue faster, I know it's hard too, but it is rather critical for scores......

Thanks for all your hard work guys!!!!



The Issue tracker is for established reports, so it's probably better to post in an existing one, or use the forum.

Thanks :).

Until the bug is fixed, about the only two solutions to this are to spread the score out more (less measures per line) or manually adjust the note head positions apart to see the tie.

I usually just add stretch to the affected measure, which makes it larger relative to others on the same system. Doesn't always work, but does often enough.