Problems with mm vs inches in MuseScore 4.0

• Feb 21, 2023 - 00:09

After watching Tantacrul's video on MuseScore 4.0 I had hoped that all the unit of measurement problems were sorted, but I've found another.

I'm trying to export some exact-resolution .png files, so I need the page dimensions to be right. In this case, it's 960x1080, but I'm sure plenty of people have other required resolutions.

Export to .png only gives DPI as an option, so that means I have to use inches in Page Settings, which isn't a problem on it's own. Page Settings however doesn't remember I'm using inches, and seems to convert everything to mm the next time I open it.

Is there a way to export to .png with dots per millimetre, or a way to make MuseScore remember that I'm using inches?

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