How to install bug fixes?

• Feb 20, 2023 - 16:33

Hello, everyone,
I upgraded to MuseScore 4, however the playback has been glitchy (I'll spare you the details). My understanding is that the developer team is aware of those problems and is working on bug fixes. My question is: how do I know when those bug fixes become available, and how to install them? Or do I have to just reinstall the whole app? Thank you,


Problems that are actually reported with full details on system configuration to GitHub can can reproduced, those problems are indeed being addressed. But reports here on the commubnity-based forums with details spared can't really be investigated. if it's a reproducible problem with a specific scores and precise steps on particular hardware with certain settings, please open an GitHub issue to report it. Bugs can't be fixed until they are reported.

Anyhow, when a new version comes out, you should see a notification within the app itself. At least on Windows and macOS. On Linux, you'd probably need to run the AppImage from the command line with the "update" option.

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I appreciate this post is over a year old, but it seems relevant to my issue.

This specific fix from GitHub would hopefully fix a problem that started after I installed the latest MuseScore 4 update, but I am unsure on how to implement it. Are there guides on how to install fixes like this?

Alternatively I suppose I could install an older version, I just worry in case that would mess my files up somehow. Any recommendations?


(Also, unrelated and weirdly, my reply on my end appears to be posting from a deleted account. I was having issues with setting up my account earlier which required deleting and starting over, so I'm guessing that's why. It's been one of those days technology-wise.)

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