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• Feb 19, 2023 - 22:22

Version 3.62
It seems to be a crapshoot when hitting Ctl+L as to which verse it goes to. Anyway to specify first second or third verse when working with the lyrics?
Sometimes it will even drop the next stave down an inch or so like on measure number 6. Thanks

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I have an empty space where I want to put a word. If i use up and down, it puts whatever word is above or below into that space and will replace other words if i use up or down keys. It will not let me go to the word before the space, hit space and type in a new word to go after it.

You have an errant tie underneath the word "ones" in measure 7. The tie should connect the last note in that measure to the first note in measure 8. It is out of position.
To fix:
Right click on the word "ones" (or any lyric) then Select > All Similar Elements.
In the Inspector look for "Offset" and click on the circled arrow with the x (it's on the right, next to the "S").
Click on the tie and do the same circled arrow click in the Inspector.

You wrote:
I have an empty space where I want to put a word.

Please explain... what word, what verse, what measure, under what note?

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