Program freezes when changing midi input / cannot change midi input

• Feb 19, 2023 - 13:54

Trying to change midi input in preferences. I was able to use the exact same configuration with Musescore 3, but after update to 4.0 and 4.0.1 I cannot use my keyboard for input.

When opening the list of available devices all devices are listed normally. But after selecting anything other than what was selected as default, the program freezes and it has to be shut down via task manager.

I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. No difference. Maybe I should try to find Musescore 3 and keep using it instead.

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So I uninstalled Musescore 4 and installed Musescore Now my keyboard works flawlessly. I didn't even had to change any preferences.

I know it's a lousy fix, but maybe I try Musescore 4 after some of the next updates.

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That's good to know, I was a bit worried about running both of them on the same computer. If my workaround for MS4 stops working for this issue (see reply below), or I keep getting the higher USB Keyboard latency I experienced in MS4, it's useful to be able to switch between the two. I won't run them in parallel, seems a bit like tempting fate. Along with better latency from the keyboard, I really liked the old score tab feature, so MS3.7 is doing what I need it to, and well.

On MS3.7 - thanks JoJo for making MS 3.7. It works really well for me (much less latency in my case), and I'm torn at the moment between using MS4 with its new features, especially its much improved score rendition, versus 3.x (3.7) to get the better performance, and the score tabs - a feature I really liked.
My main issues in MS4 were latency, along with getting MS4 to reliably accept my MIDI USB Keyboard without crashing or fussing about with a workaround, MS4 still seems a bit 'fragile' for reliable use, hence the need for v3 (.7). But...I concede some of my kit is old: an MBox2 from 2010, likewise the (otherwise) reliable Behrenger UMX61 keyboard, so I'm not sure the issue in this forum post is common enough or worth the developers looking into.

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I have exactly the same issue trying to choose my UMX61 keyboard in Preferences/IO/MIDI Input device selection. It used to work OK - i.e. I could select the keyboard for MIDI input, but this suddenly stopped working and the app freezes then crashes.
The keyboard is working fine with other software (Native Instruments FM8 synthesiser etc.)
I checked GitHub, but couldn't find the issue already listed (though there may be some similar ones). My workaround for now is going back to MS3 as well but I'll update if I discover a fix.

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An update - I am able to use my USB MIDI keyboard in MS4 again. Here's what I did with a few steps that might help anyone else having this problem. It's not really a long-term fix, but more a workaround:

  • Rebooted my Windows 10 laptop
  • Started MS4, then Quit MS4
  • Re-started MS4
  • In Preferences, clicked 'Reset Preferences'
  • Quit MS4, then restarted it again (going through the initial set up screens)
  • I was then able to choose my USB MIDI keyboard from the Preferences/IO 'MIDI input' dropdown
  • Note: I had to firstly manually enter a few notes via the screen for it to 'take' the keyboard inputs, in some way this might have 'activated' the USB device.

For now, MS4 is accepting my keyboard inputs again (although latency seems much higher in my MS4 compared to MS3).

So, perhaps the problem is intermittent, and I'm still not sure why it got going again, but it seems orderly open/close of MS4 might have helped set things back on the right track!

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