Loop playback does not work correctly

• Feb 19, 2023 - 13:32

When I try to play bars 13-16 on loop, Musescore plays bars 9-12 instead.

The obvious possible remedies (remove loop makers and redefining them, close & restart) do not work.

Update: there seems to be some offset: if I choose bars 21-24 for replay, MS plays bars 13-16.

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I have duplicated this looping issue. The problem occurs when there is a repeat barline prior to the beginning of the loop. 1st/2nd endings do not affect the issue.

In my instance, when a repeat barline is present, the playback of the loop consistently starts at 19 measures prior to the actual start of the loop setting, regardless where i locate the loop (after the repeat). When I remove the repeat barline, the loop plays correctly.

I have discovered this same bug. That is loop playback after some repeated measures do not loop in the correct location. Is there a fix yet?


Loop playback does not work at all since I installed Musescore 4. I select the desired part of the music, and the arrows appear at the start and the end, but when I hit Play, the selection only plays once, without repeating. It used to work fine in Musescore 3, but there must be a glitch in the new version.

I have this problem too. To uncheck "Play Repeats" really work, but it strange. I need always turn off/on this function for current goals. Hope the developers will fix this problem.

Hi, I also got mad at this bug !
The best hack I found is to check/uncheck the 'Play Repeats' option in the 'Playback Settings' (drop down gear icon in the toolbar).
If you just want to listen to the loop of your selection, uncheck 'Play Repeats'.
But if you want to play the part as it is supposed to be read (for example, if you want to export it as an audio file), check 'Play Repeats'.
Hope it makes sense and helps...

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