Can Musescore do harmonic analysis?

• Feb 18, 2023 - 05:32

I was just chatting with chat.openai and asking it if there was software that could take a score and analyze it harmonically.

It told me that MuseScore could do that. So after adding a plugin I realized that it was only going to let me analyze one chord at a time. Still not bad.

Is there anyway to analyze a score and get something printed on the score or a complete analysis?


Software i'm afraid not yet, but I know there's a position that have talented young men do exactly that for you, plus you receive stipend at the same time.

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You are right, chords identification is only a first step of harmonic analysis.
Regarding harmonic analysis itself, I am aware of two softs doing something about:
one is free…
the other not free

I don’t use these softs so don’t know if the are efficient but may be can help our friend.

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That chord identifier plugin looks great.

The other one doesn’t work portably, it apparently relies on QtWebEngine being initialised by the C++ program itself before it’s usable in QML, which Free builds of MuseScore cannot do, nor does QtWebEngine exist on all platforms MuseScore works on.

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