Sound jumps and skips

• Feb 17, 2023 - 05:08

I upgraded to a SSD and solved most of my audio problems. Except that today they've been crazy bad and I've been hunting down the problem.

The problem is me having more than one copy of MuseScore open. Not intentionally. Stuff just happens that way.

The extra open copies don't show in the system try. They ghost behind the MuseScore icon alone. It was really quite by accident that I hovered over the icon and saw four copies open.

After a maddening afternoon, I've got my sound back and am back on track! Hope this helps someone. <3


Assuming you are talking about MuseScore 4, it's perfectly normal for there to be multiple copies open - one per score, all collapsed behind a single icon indeed (except on macOS, which annoyingly does not support that feature). These multiple instances should not interfere with each other at all, but it's possible something went wrong with one of them and that's why closing it fixed the issue.

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Hi, Marc. Always good to see you!

I believe most of my problems would be solved with a new computer, not any where in my budget right now. However, one open score and nothing else keeps the sputtering to a minimum. I upped my memory and installed a SSD. A new CPU with all the recommendations is a ways out yet.

I love the program. I love what I do as a volunteer for Distributed Proofreaders. I'll keep puttering away with 4.0. It's all good. Thanks for being you! <3

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