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• Feb 17, 2023 - 02:56

I have already started to create a score and as I was working on the accompaniment I realized that I need the pickup notes to be quarter notes instead of eighth notes. I already setup the pickup measure to have eighth notes. How can I change the score to make the pickup notes quarter notes instead of eighth notes? I am still using MuseScore 3.

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This song is a composition of my Great Uncle and I am trying to convert it to a digital format. In his composition the pickup notes are quarter notes. For that reason I need to change the value of the pickup notes.

Select the pickup measure containing the eighth notes and cut the notes, which will leave a quarter rest in the pickup measure.

Right click on an empty spot in the pickup measure and, in 'Measure Properties' change the actual measure duration to 2/4. This will put a half rest in the pickup measure.

Click on the half rest and use menu item: Edit > Paste Double Duration to fill the pickup with quarter notes.

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