Aren't Muse Sounds capable of microtonality?

• Feb 17, 2023 - 01:57

I wrote some scores in MU4 and applied the tuning plugin, because they were Arabic music and needed microtonality. After trying with soundfonts I was glad to see that it worked. But now trying with Muse sounds I noticed that the tuning changes are not being played. If I switch a staff, in mixer, to any soundfont I hear tuning changes per note, but if I switch to muse sounds I don't.
Aren't Muse Sounds capable of playing microtonality? Will they ever be?


According to the developer, they are inherently capable of it but the logic isn't hooked up through the Muse Sampler. There is an issue for this on GitHub so I assume it's on the roadmap.

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For Arabic music it is. But changing articulation using staff texts as I'm used to do in 3.6 is very tiring. Muse sounds achieve more realism in an easier way.
Microtonality may seem a small niche at first but it's very important to renaissance music, today it is widely accepted as part of baroque music and it helps a lot to prevent string quartets from sounding harsh.

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