Feedback for plugin: Add solfa names as lyrics (movable Do, La based minor, chromatic alteration)

• Feb 17, 2023 - 01:34


@msfp: by looping with cursor.nextMeasure() you can also see internal key signatures

while (cursor.segment && (fullScore || cursor.tick < endTick)) {
console.log ("cursor.tick = ", cursor.tick)
console.log ("cursor.keySignature = ", cursor.keySignature)
} // end while segment

@humanuser55 Good idea, done. Welcome to the forum. You can tinker with the code and share your work, no need to ask for any permission, have fun.
@elsewhere Thank you! I'm unsure how to patch the original measureMap function written by mirabilos as I'm unfamiliar with function.apply(null,args). I end up adding cursor.keySignature directly (roughly tested).

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