12 tremolo

• Feb 16, 2023 - 00:34

Bar 153 has tremolos marked TWELVE that I haven't been able to recreate in MuseScore. I wrote it as 4 triplets to get it to play correctly and left a transcriber's note. I don't know if 12 tremolo will be added in the future. This is how I resolved it. If there is a way to write 12 tremolo so it looks like the original score, I'd really appreciate the education.

Thanks, wizards! You're the BEST! :)

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OK, this is the section you are discussing:

And this is how you implement it:
1. Select the entire measure rest, then Add > Tuplet > Other> 12/8
2. Change the individual 8th rests into dotted quarter rests
3. Enter the pitches for the dotted quarter notes
4. Turn the dotted quarters into tremolos

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