Cross-staff notation

• Feb 15, 2023 - 09:35

Cross-staff notation doesn't works by me. A simple piano "grand staff", one instrument. I select a note, press Ctr+Shift+Arrow up or down and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Please help. (Win 11, Musescore 4)


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In the meantime I have found a solution - partially. Well, the function does work using the toolbar. However, the Ctrl+Shift+arrow shortcut is not defined. But - I can't define it, because when I try and press Ctrl+Shift+arrow, all I get is Ctrl+arrow WITHOUT Shift!

And strange: I can create shortcuts with Ctrl+SHIFT+any letter, but not with Ctrl+SHIFT+arrow or number (both on the top row of the keyboard and on the numeric keypad). And even stranger: I have defined shortcuts: 1 - whole note, 2 - half note, etc. They all work on both keyboards... except 8 - the 8 on the numeric keypad doesn't work :). And they all work in MS 3 on the same computer.

So it's no longer a problem for me, I'll define some abbreviations differently, but it might be better to have a description of this case here on the forum - maybe someone else will come across it?
Thank you

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