Midi out doesn´t work on MuseScore 4

• Feb 14, 2023 - 22:21

With Windows 10 and a Casio CT-X800 keyboard, MIDI out from MuseScore 4 isn´t working. MIDI IN from the keyboard is OK and both are working in MuseScore 3. Somebody can help me?


I have struggled to get Midi to work with my Apple iMac running Ventura. I tried with a Yamaha BD-BT01 interface connected to a couple of older keyboards - one Casio, one Yamaha. Eventually I succeeded in getting some form of input via Logic DAW, and was able to then input the Midi file into Musescore.

I found that the Yamaha Bluetooth device was very laggy, so not so useful for real time playing.

More recently though I have now managed to get the Casio to output sounds from MuseScore 3 - using a Roland UM-One interface, though instrument assignment is not consistent. I should be able to play a file, and have the keyboard use its inbuilt GM sounds to play all the instruments. I was sure I'd done this before - but that was years ago. Still - at least the hardware connection now seems to be doing something. It seems to me that only one instrument/stave gets sent to the keyboard. Maybe I also need to somehow assign Midi channels.

I then moved on to Musescore 4. With that Midi doesn't seem to have any interaction at all with the hardware.
Unfortunately Apple kit seems a bit picky with Midi, and requires setting of the Audio MIDI Setup utility - which may actually be very powerful, but it can also be very confusing. It seems it's possible to set up a whole network of Midi devices - probably all driven by software from the computer.

Right now though, I simply want to see some signs of life from MuseScore 4 - and none is forthcoming.
I may have to revert to using Logic or another DAW in order to test out the Midi functionality on this computer, but it would be helpful if it worked in Musescore 4.

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MuseScore isn't set up for real-time playing, so even with the fastest interface, that's not going to be viable really - better to use something designed for real-time response as a synthesizer.

Anyhow, the only thing you should need to do in MuseScore to use your keyboard for output is select it in Edit / Preferences / I/O. If it doesn't appear there, be sure to connect it and turn it on before starting MuseScore. You can also try toggling the MIDI button off and back on, under the settings icon on the playback toolbar.

If you continue to have trouble, be sure to explain exactly what is going wrong - is the device not appearing int eh list, is it appearing but not allowing you to select it, or are you selecting it but not getting any out, etc.

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Depends what you want to do. I agree that for real time input/playing that Musescore isn't ideal, though I don't see why it should necessarily be worse than many DAWs, which some people do use for that purpose. The latency with Bluetooth devices such as the Yamaha interface just seems too severe a problem. However with a wired input, such as the Roland unit, latency should be less demanding. Additionally there can be mileage in using Midi for output - though I agree that many controllers can't do that nowadays, relying on output via the host computer, but I can now definitely confirm that I can get sound output via at least one Midi keyboard, so it is a viable, and potentially useful use case for some people - if it can be made to work. I can get output from MU3, allbeit with perhaps some limitations, but so far I'm struggling with MU4 to get any output at all. The Roland unit does have a switch which may alter things - in one position it relies on drivers installed on the host computer, in the other it doesn't. As I recall from previous experimentation one position works with iPads.

Also, not immediately relevant to MuseScore, but Apple is about to make versions of Logic (DAW) and Final Cut Pro (Video editor) available on iPads, though perhaps unfortunately with a subscription model. However it's currently not the end of the world for anyone who already has these pieces of software installed on a desktop machine, as users may choose to occasionally have the subscription on tablets and phones and revert back to their desktops if they decide not to keep the subscription going each month. This move could however drive a substantial number of musicians to use keyboards with interfaces for iPads, so if MuseScore can't work with Midi interfaces some users will look elsewhere.

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MuseScore definitely works with MIDI. As mentioned, in order for someone to assist, you would need to explain precisely what goes wrong when you set your MIDI output device in Preferences as described.

As for why MuseScore won’t be a good choice for real-time performance, that’s because unlike DAW software, MuseScore simply wasn’t designed to work in a way that is conducive to that. It’s certainly possible to redesign the input and playback system for that purpose; it just hasn’t been priority. Just as it would be possible for DAW software to implement more than just token notation features. But most projects find they do better when they focus on solving one problem really well and let other tools focus on solving other problems.

I got the same problem (not output) with my Startone keyboard.
Spent some hours with debugging version 4 and found, that "velocity" values of the "Key On" MIDI messages had values 0 or 1.
Increasing these values through a hack resulted in keyboard playing my scores.

I also get Midi input working but no midi output. Musescore 3 sometimes work with Midi Output but it's not reliable either.

This is on macOS 11.6, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.0.2-230651546, revision: dbe7c6d

It would be great if there would be some testing feature for just checking the input/output works correctly and the cabling is ok.

I've been having a similar issue with my Macbook Pro. Musescore 4 recognizes my Casio Privia PX-160 in MIDI Input and Output under the I/O but doesn't register with the on-screen piano or note input. My MIDI input is enabled and I've reset my preferences a few times. Everything works perfectly in Musescore 3 with the same settings. Is there anything else I can try out to fix my issue?

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