Jump and sputter and crackle sound.

• Feb 12, 2023 - 22:04

I was having jump and sputter and crackle sound after I installed 4.0. Sound was OK on 3.0+. My son said a SSD was a minimum requirement. I changing from a HD to a SSD. Everything works fine now. New and bigger program needs more OOMPH drive.

If you are having similar problems, I hope that fixes it for you. :)


Thanks for posting this. Lots of people don't believe that anything can, or should, (by them) be done to fix MS4. They think it is all the fault of the developers.
I have one computer that actually meets the minimum specs. MS4 works fine on it. All my other computers have required adjustments. Mainly underpowered CPU's. And I put SSD's in them long ago. They make all the difference.

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