Add Sound Effect in MuseScore 3

• Feb 11, 2023 - 17:52

I tried to add a sound effect to my score in MuseScore 3 using the following article:,Add%20your%20new%20Sou….

I understand everything in the article except the following:

"2.3.4. Set your instrument for each staff using the Mixer window
In the Mixer view, you should see 8 instruments. Step through each instrument, and assign the corresponding SoundFont patch e.. for Cuckoo, choose the Cuckoo patch. Repeat this process, using the other bird noise patches for each score. The last 2 staves in this example simply use 'Grand Piano' - these staves are optional, but could be used to provide additional sounds, or a melodic overlay to the sound effect track you are making."

I don't see anywhere in the Mixer View how to "assign the corresponding SoundFont patch."

Please advise.


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The dropdown is labeled "Sound" in the top left of your screenshot. Just click that to select a sound other than glockenspiel, assuming that is your goal.

Probably better to have a chosen a more appropriate instrument in the first place, though, rather than adding a glockenspiel then changing it's sound.

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Are you saying you know the "bottle break" soundfont contains a single sound in program 0 that includes a note for middle C, but when your score plays the middle C, you don't hear the sound? Are you positive the soundfont really does contain that one sound at middle C, and that is' not actually set up as a drumset, which would require you to set up your score using an unpatched percussion instrument?

BTW, the score you attach doesn't actually have a middle C in this part, only the C an octave higher (C5, not C4). I can see you've set up the range warning for your custom instrument to only accept that pitch.

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I think the program you are using is calling "preset" instead of the standard MIDI term "program", but it should be the same thing. So, it should work fine. You just need to be sure to enter a pitch that the soundfont actually supports. I'm not sure what any of the other stuff there is, though, maybe something else there is preventing it from working.

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I found that polyphone specifies the base note as D#. It doesn't specify the octave. I went to reset the allowable notes in MS 4, and I don't recollect how to do that (alzheimers?). How do I do that? I looked in the manual and couldn't find anything. I swear this was more obvious in MS 3. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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None of this has changed in MuseScore 4. You can enter any notes you want; there's no such thing as "allowable notes". Maybe you mean, the colored notehead warning that appears if the notes are out of the usual playing range for the instrument? This range is set exactly where it always has been - in Staff/Part properties. But it has no bearing whatsoever on playback.

I don't know the details of Polyphone, but there is absolutely no way it could not be telling you the octave - soundfonts are absolutely depending on specific MIDI pitches, which by definition include the octave information. You'll need to consult their documentation/forums for help with that, though.

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