Exam style features

• Feb 10, 2023 - 10:10

May I start by congratulating you on MuseScore. It’s a phenomenal achievement and my go-to notation software bar none. As a secondary music teacher, I find myself wanting to create exam papers in MuseScore. I have many, many questions but the one for today is- how can I create boxes around specific areas/bars/notes and by extension, empty boxes over notes I wish the students to write chord names into?

I’ve heard of a workaround involving staff lines and hooks (or rehearsal marks and page breaks) but I haven’t a clue how to do this so if anyone could take the time to walk me through it I’d be very grateful.


Maybe you can find this useful:

Empty boxes above a note:
Click on Palettes->Text "Rehearsal Mark". add an empty space with e.g. the space bar to have the box filled something. Delete the Letter "A". Use the Inspector->Text (MU3) or Tab "Properties" -> More-> Frame (MU4) to tweak the box. Then Ctrl-Shift drag the box into a palette of your choice for further use.

Empty boxes above a note and create boxes around specific areas/bars/notes:
You could just make a transparent (alpha) rectangle in e.g. Inkscape or however is easiest for you and copy/paste it into Musescore. You can change the size of the image by selecting the image, then unchecking "Lock aspect ration" in the inspector if you want to and dragging the size of rectangle using the two handles. Then Ctrl-Shift drag the image into a palette of your choice for further use.


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