Access to thumbnails in .mscz files

• Feb 9, 2023 - 22:53

I understand that the thumbnail images shown on the Scores screen are stored in the .mscz files along with the rest of the score's detailed information. But this screen shows only recently opened scores. I have many short musical ideas tucked away in .mscz files and would like to see thumbnails for these.

Is there a way to view them within MS3 or MS4 without having first opened them "recently?" It could be a simple as viewing all score instead of just the recent ones.


Hence the name Recent. It's an interesting idea, but can you imagine scrolling through that page if there were hundreds of scores? Might as well scroll through the Scores folder. I assume you have these ideas labeled somehow so that you know what they are.

But as I think about it, what if the ideas were saved to their own folder and we had the option of which folder was displayed as "Recent".

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You're right, and "All" would be used only when really needed. As for labelling them, I find it hard to think of a name on the fly that will be useful a year or more later on.

But since my post I thought to look into one of the .mscz files with 7-zip and could easily find the thumbnails there. I could automate extracting them since 7-zip does have a command line option (I'm using Windows). The following command would extract the thumbnail file, but since all have the same name (thumbnail.png), the process would have to rename them to match the .mscz filename:

7z e "Adagietto in F.mscz" thumbnails\thumbnail.png

This would work and then Windows Explorer could be used to view them as "Extra large icons." This could be done when needed so that all the thumbnails in a given folder would be up to date.

So, in that sense - problem solved!

The thumbnails themselves are really quite small, something like 197 x 256 pixels so there's not much detail visible, but that's a different matter.

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Yeah, we all work differently. You would laugh at some of the temp titles I come up with. Usually it's just whatever word pops into my head. I had a bombastic, loud orchestra piece named "Fluffy" for the longest time. I write for playback, so the final title doesn't matter much.

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