Preventing unwanted changes?

• Feb 9, 2023 - 22:14

I recently started MuseScore and I start with saying that it is great program with many options. I can't believe you don't charge for it. I hope to be able to contribute in the future. After reading the manual (V 3.6.2) and editing a midi recorded score I have a few things at the end which seem difficult to achieve, so hopefully I am just missing something.

1 I could not swap a rest with a note (or just move it by trying to drag it before the note before instead of after the note). How can I do that?

2 When I select a 4/4 measure somewhere else and copy and then paste, it often change the measure, e.g. what was 4/4 copies as 3/4. I think this depends on what is next but that is something I want to take care of later. I want to first copy 1:1 what I had. What I do is: create an empty 4/4 measure (or empty the existing), select a non empty measure elsewhere, Copy, paste in the measure.

Basically I want to be able to edit a a measure and it's contents without ending up with a 6/8 or 56/64 measure instead of the 4/4 I started with and without slurs to the next measure etc. Is that possible somehow?

3 I've seen a few older posts in which it stated that you can not split/separate triplets etc. Is that still not possible? It would make it easier to make changes.


yes limitations of musescore3, yes writing with a computer in 2023 is still clumsy and your ways seem to be the smartest ways to get things done available inside musescore. feel free to check out other software. musescore is open source, meaning you are allowed to improve it.
I'm not familiar with musescore4.
Re 1: no phrase nudging function. either overwrite everything by entering new notes and rests; or cut the phrase, split the beginning note/rest to create a desired starting point and then paste. (there's in fact a note-note swap shift+left/right arrow but i doubt anyone'd find it useful ) . Also check out Duration Editor plugin.
re 2: think of it this way, only a time sig object signals the metre, and a new score only has one time sig at the beginning, you can add more from the palette. When you select a range and copy, you're copying the notes only .
re 3: disappointing yes, have to use what we have at hand.
pls share a mscz file if i fail to get your point.

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Thanks for your reply and also about the Duration editor! This looks promising.
From the the GitHub site I could download a zip file in which I found durationeditor.qml which I copied to
However, Duration Editor does not appear in Plugins/Plugin Management, also not after pressing Reload or restarting the program. What do I miss?

I couldn't get note-note switching to work using Shift+left (which selects 2 notes or a note and a rest) and then the right arrow. It just leaves the score and goes into a detail window on the right.
About improving: I program in a.o. X# and C# but the source of MuseScore is not C#. I think OpenSource software is great on its own but few people will actually make changes. For most programmers making changes in their own code (especially from longer ago or not too well documented) is difficult enough :)

See also my reply to Marc.


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> plugin

copy the whole folder, that plugin has dependency

> note-note switch

sorry, posted wrong link in last post, click this
while in Note input mode , shift+left arrow, or shift+right arrow
eg open a new score, type N, C, D, Shift+Left

> C#
agree. pity didn't switch to a OOP all together when they decided to rewrite codebase at ms3-ms4 upgrade, plus that'd allow reactive and clearer logic

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Copying the folder worked indeed, thanks. I now saw Duration Editor appear in the plugin list and after activating it, there's a Duration Editor menu option in the Plugin Menu which opens a window in the lower right corner.
The reason I only copied the DLL is that the Github zip file is that it say 'Source code' so I assumed only the DLL was necessary. The directory with SVG files containing musical notes graphics is most likely what was required too.

I will start using it soon and will post my experience later.

Normally of course copy/paste should copy things exactly, but honoring the destination time signature. So copying 4/4 to 3/4 won't overstuff the 3/4 measure, it spills intil the next measure. If you want to change the destination measure to 4/4, simply do that first.

If you have a specific score and a specific copy operation that isn't performing as it should, please attach the score and give precise to reproduce the problem.

Dragging is not a method of copy and paste. To move one or more notes from one time position to another, use cut and paste.

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Hello Marc,

Thanks for your reply. What I actually saw was that copying a 4/4 measure to a 4/4 created a 3/4 (or a 4/4 creating something like 56/64). At least: that is what I think I saw. I will double check in next attempts that I copy to a destination of the same duration and also check, if it doesn't work as I expected, what happens when I only copy & paste the notes.
Once I am sure how I can reproduce I will send it.

Is it also possible to attach scores not being visible for everyone?


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If you do encounter this again, then please do followup here.

Not sure what you mean about attach scores not being visible. We need to see the score in order to reproduce the problem. And the only people who will see the score are there other volunteers here who are trying to help. Attaching a score here isn't like publishing it to

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